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The new sprizziness.

The night is still young. Your friends are at the ready and the air is filled with summer – even if it’s the dead of winter. The mood is bubbly; you’re cooking up plans for a night to remember with nothing but nonense in mind. It’s time for Sprizzerò, the spritzy drink made from Italian white wine and a bouquet of select herbs.

Three fruity and light aperitif flavours to add adventure to the night.

When Edoardo De Martin returned in 1934 to the small village of Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites after long journeys, he brought with him a crazy idea. He wanted to use regional ingredients to create a completely new type of drink. 

And that’s just what he did: combining aromatic oranges and herbs, Italian white wine and perhaps a splash of obsession, he created a true Italian original – Sprizzerò De Martin. Today, Sprizzerò can be found everywhere where style and excellent taste are found.

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